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Welcome to Löytöeläinkoti Kaskivaara animal shelter homepage!

In areas of Imatra, Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi we are responsible for temporary care of cats dogs and other small sized pets which are found loose without knowledge of the owner.

Our contract with the municipalities does not include transporting the animals. Our shelter accepts deliveries every day between 8 am to 8 pm. In order to arrange the delivery contact us always with phone before delivering an animal. We usually are able to receive the animal within 3 hours of the phone call.

After we have received the animal, it will wait for it's owner for 15 days. The found animals are displayed on our web page within 24 hours. If you have lost your pet please contact us with phone. E-mail inquiries are also possible but there's a slight delay in the answer. Contact us with phone before picking up your pet.

After 15 days we will start seeking a new owner for the animal. Our main goal is to relocate healthy pets to new homes. Animals which are seeking homes can be found here.